Cleaning Your Floors With A Steam Mop

Maintaining the value of your property is very important especially when it comes to the floor. It is the desire of everyone to live in a clean home that smells good and this depends on the method and equipment you used to clean the floor.

It takes a lot of time and effort to maintain a perfectly clean floor and therefore a steam mop has been a welcome relief for many home owners. The use of a steam mop has a lot of benefits and some of them include:

A fresh and natural scent that screams

One of the most important things in your house is the scent and a steam mop is known to leave your house with a natural scent that screams rather than smell of chemicals associated with cleaning solutions. Unnatural household cleaners have strong odors associated with ammonia and other chemicals but this is not the case with a vax steam mop reviews because it does not use any cleaner.

A clean floor that dries quickly

Floors that are cleaned using the old-fashioned mop take long before they can completely dry but a floor that has been scrubbed with a steam mop dries almost immediately. The heat from a steam cleaner loosens the dirt from the floor surface and therefore making it possible to clean more filth from the floor in less time. A steam mop sucks away the debris from the surface of the floor leaving it clean and dry.

Steam Mop

No more Mop and Bucket

There is no need to get down on hands and knees when using a steam mop to clean your floor. A steam mop leaves you with knees and arms that never ache from scrubbing the floor. Owning a steam mop enables you to enjoy cleaning hard floors all the way to floor boards without being on your hands and knees.

A beautiful shine that demands attention and admiration

A steam cleaner does not leave any strange cloudy film or any murky quality on floor surfaces and counter tops. The fact that no cleaning solution is used means that there are no sticky residues on the surface of the floor. A steam cleaner leaves you with brighter and shinier surfaces because only water is used in cleaning the floor.

There is no need to replace containers of filthy water

A steam cleaner eliminates the process of draining dirty water from a mop. You do not need to wring clean a stem mop of dirty water.

You can successfully remove stubborn dirt, mold and allergen from different types of floors by using a steam cleaner. The following are brief descriptions on how to clean different types of floor surfaces using a steam cleaner.

Carpets and Fabric Upholstery

Remove all loose dirt, lint and cobwebs by running the steam cleaner over the floor or piece of furniture you plan to steam clean. Remove the furniture out of the room if you intend to steam clean the carpet. Hot water is mixed with a small potion of a cleaning solution and tested on a small carpet patch to find out if the solution discolors the carpet. Clear Stains with a Steam Mop

The recommend parts of cleaning solution are used to fill the tank of the steam cleaner. Begin your cleaning from one corner of the room as you move across the floor. The steam solution is released by pushing the cleaner. The solution and dirt is sucked up by pulling back the machine. Focus more on areas that have stubborn dirt.

Hardwood, Laminate and Tile Floors

Use a broom or dust mop to remove loose debris and dust from the floor to avoid scratches. Plain water is used in hardwood floor steam cleaners but a medium PH cleansing solution can be used in case of unsanitary residue or soap scum. A hardwood floor with worn spots should not be cleaned with a steam cleaner because the chances of warping are high due to the moisture that soaks into the wood. Fill the water canister with hot tap water after you have removed it from a steam machine.Steam Mop S2S from vax

Make sure the filter is clean before you can reattach the canister to the machine. Turn on the machine and start on one side of the room. The steam vapors are expelled by pushing the machine forward. The steam loosens the dirt and the cleaning pad picks it up when the machine is pulled back.