Using A Steam Cleaner To Clean Your Engine

Cleaning a vehicle these days can sometimes be a daunting task for many people since they have little or absolutely no time to do especially those with fixed daily schedule. Fortunately, technology has made most of these tasks much easier for car owners when it comes to cleaning the entire vehicle exterior and interior parts including the engine.

steam clean

Having decided on this task, it is critical to be aware of what involve or entails. For instance, depending on the engine state, it is obvious to get dirt or greased in the process. In that regard, there is need to know how to steam clean your car especially the engine.Using a steam cleaner will be the best course of action you have took ever to save you time and effort.

Necessary Tools for Engine Steam Cleaning

• Protective clothing – before anything, always ensure that put on protective clothing, eyewear and gloves to protect your body, eyes and hands from direct contact with grease or any other form of dirt in your car engine. At this point, you also need to have a water solution, baking soda, and a rag, used to clean the encrustation available in the terminals of your car battery.engine_steam_cleaning

• A brush – you should also have a brush together with an optional high-pressure blower used to blow out loose dirt, dust, and even grease.

• Degreaser – even though a conversional way is using a petroleum-based greaser in cutting through the stubborn grime and grease on your engine, they sometimes tend to be very harsh on the engine compartment’s vinyl and rubber parts.

A degreaser is also used to remove any wax that might accidentally get spilled on some painted vehicle parts. It is therefore recommended to use citrus-based degreaser or water rather than petroleum-based degreasing products.

Machinery and equipment

The most important tool required to steam a engine is a steam cleaner.You will need to buy a steam cleaner that is reliable and powerful enough to clean your engine. A steam cleaner with motor size of 1400 watts or more is required and the best place to start is to look at steam cleaner reviews.

When used properly, the vapour form which is emitted from it tend is relatively safer on fragile and delicate components of the engine. It should also be able to prevent any bits from splashing in all directions when cleaning your car engine. This, however, tends to occur commonly when using a high-pressure hose.

Having a place to dispose dirty water is very important since it is illegal to just dump untreated waste water into a sewer gutter. When cleaning your car engine, place it somewhere where you can easily collect waste water to dispense during the steam cleaning process of your engine.

What to Consider When Preparing To Steam Clean an Engine

1. Allow The Engine To Cool Down – Allowing the engine to steam clean to cool down is the first thing you should do before performing any other thing on it. Giving it at least a 2-hour period to cool off is ideally good.Engine-Steam-Clean

2. Cover All The Electrical Connections – covering all electrical connections and any other naked electronic part such as cable junctions, and fuse box helps in preventing them from getting short circuited and/or wet.

You can use an aluminium foil, which is ideal in covering these critical parts since it can be easily molded to perfectly fit snugly over those parts without obstructing you from accessing or viewing other parts of the engine. You can refer to your car maintenance manual so as to make sure that all delicate and fragile engine components are properly covered.

Step-By-Step Guide on How to Steam Clean Your Engine

STEP 1: -The first thing is to use the brush to get rid of any loose debris such as loose dirt, grime and dried leaves on the engine.

STEP 2:- Here, you need to steam clean the under-hood insulation to remove any oil, dirt and grease should be your next step when performing an engine steam cleaning.

STEP 3:- While your engine is still warm, apply an engine degreaser especially a non-petroleum-based degreasing product to easily melt off your engine. You also consider giving a second or even third coat of a degreaser on engine components that tend to be extremely dirty.

STEP 4:- Lastly, use an engine steam cleaning equipment in rinsing and wiping off the degreased gunk from the engine.

Steam Clean Engine

If you consider following this process when performing an engine steam cleaning, you will be rest assured that your vehicle engine will look amazing.


You should also know that the performing steam cleaning of your engine is safe and improves the performance of the engine.A steam cleaner can speed up your cleaning time and also remove the dirt in the unreachable places.